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This Xtras is from my conversation with Dearest Creative. We go a little deeper of how they started their own company and some of the things they figured out along the way. Their dedication to the brand is what drives them and keeps them moving forward. So enjoy and just take a listen Xtras are mini-episodes that are unedited and uncut snippets of conversations I've had with my guests.

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Hey everyone and welcome to work in process extra these are many episodes that are really just Snippets from conversations I've had with my guest that never actually made it into the episode or we'll just a little bit too long and we're cut down clarity.

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And after we listening I created this mini episode format so I can share more guests insight.

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Conversation with Dearest Creative, we go deeper into how they started their own company and some of the things they figured out along the way. Their dedication to their brand is what drives them and keeps them moving forward.

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So enjoy and just take a listen.

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give a little bit of control and who you want to work with and why you want to work with them and you know how people act in meetings and those little things that can make a big deal.

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I definitely see that as a luxury but you've also worked our butts off to be able to get here to have that luxury right it's not like.

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This is your first job out of school and you're just being that way no you've done all the work beforehand to understand all of these things.

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I actually think it is a good analogy of you know whoever gets stoked on a project a little bit more kind of seems more like.

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Delete creative conception a little bit because you automatically get it.

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That it's a good way to work because sometimes then you're like okay you figure it you have that you you I don't have to make sense in your brain,

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but you need somebody else to check you and you be like does this work are you sure right and I do like the fact you're like if there is a negative.

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Neo connotation into something rather than trying to work around it just kill it right nip it in the bud early because it will come to bite you in the ass later on my way to work and.

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So as we're talking about you know two people who start their own company, how does a process work?

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Yeah so I mean I think there's probably lots of answers for this or a variety of this, my initial thoughts, but for us it's a level of...

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Knowing that it's a process that will keep a touring itself so I think for us you know originally we didn't study business we didn't,

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yeah we don't have a masters in economics we are learning as we go and I think for us that was scary at first you know we didn't have a giant,

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just found her savings everything to pull from we just try to figure it out and,

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we have since then will you hire the right people to support you and you know legal and finance and things like that but I think for for us it's a matter of.

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Just really caring about every step of the way and even if it's not an area where really solid at or we have a giant interest in its knowing that even though we might hire someone to do that portion of it,

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we need to check in we need to understand that we need to,

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make sure that it's part of our thinking even if it is small portion of it so for us you know our process is,

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not being afraid to take the rest not being afraid to to find brands on Instagram or in the top hundred round up of Chino.

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Clean beauty products things like that you know if it really going after people and.

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Cold call for lack of better term whether it's emailing dming them falling on Instagram starting the communication with Amino wine and some.

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Some way and really going after the clients that we want and then we've also learned I would say over the past and the second year was to really put out work that we want to continue to do so like you we are.

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Counting take firms reach out to ask about design work we've had a large agencies that do.

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Investments that we don't quite understand reach out to us things like that where you hedge funds XYZ I think for us you know we didn't have any work to show in those areas because it's not something that were super interested in,

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and that's okay,

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at first we were trying to please everyone and make sure that we had a type of work and every genre and that because you packaging and web design and logos and we can find patterns and you know all these things,

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and I think we've started started to get a lot more comfortable with the fact that we are branding in our direction we are trained graphic designer that love creating a 360 brand from,

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Tina logos and naming to business cards to the digital experience to the packaging to put the other whole shebang consecration video photo I think it's it's something for us.

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If the process changes a lot and I think we're still figuring out exactly what I need stitches but at this juncture those are our strength,

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so it's a matter of figuring out our process towards clients and then figure out a process internally how those world can come together stay super organized but also really created.

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Yeah yeah but that's very well said I met one thing to know is that.

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I remember exactly said your question but it made me think like we've neither of us had ever had previously ever worked in a cortical proper design.

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Design agency in house we will freelancer asses off like no man's business I can't even so much and you had these amazing design rolls at places that were never particularly in a.

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Studio or agency setting in terms of design or advertising and.

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I think that when we when we started you know posts bottle of wine and domain purchase we have like oh holy shit would it be like what are we doing moment.

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Wow what this is awesome but what now and I kind of put our heads together and Bow Wow them was like this could.

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Be what makes us different was like wishful thinking fingers crossed and I think that that sentiment has really.

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Evolve with us I think that we don't do things particularly because we were told to do them a certain way we don't have these.

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Processes in place because they have to be that way and I think that it can lead to some,

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confusion because sometimes we don't know what to do but it's also like okay let me stop and think for a minute what do I think I should do as opposed to what have I what have I been conditioned to do or what I've Been Told.

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So I think that
for me I think that running a business with someone in this particular situation has been really.

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Rewarding and on intellectual and personal level as well cuz there's not many times in your day unless you're very beautiful cast really make an effort today what do I think about this like actually focused and I think that.

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I'm grateful for that because we have to really dig deep and have honest real conversations all the time and it's like a marriage on speed it's like they have to just be,

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fully immersed what are you feeling what do you think getting a Niger disagree but that's if I disagree and talked out every situation because we don't want to have,

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we only have predecessors would only have this Vault of knowledge that we gather.

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Similar of large agencies and I think that that's what is special about this particular partnership and Company nice.

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So after that bottle of wine and then Wayne purchase right and you just you just mention it.

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Which was it scary or invigorating
second day one or after the bottle of wine after bottle of wine and figure eating day over and terrified.

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Terrified absolutely I think for us it was a dub didn't float it just the same as a lot of other things like I feel like I came out of the gate like.

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Just on fire like I don't doubt anything we got this we'll figure it out and then it's like you know your first run check your second run check your third read check on stereo Ono this is hard this is tough you know we don't have that.

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Cuz she 401K we don't have that salary come over two weeks we make it paid once a month for a lucky,

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and that's only sometimes you know so heading for us,

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there was literally a point like I didn't like three or four months and I thought maybe I maybe I should like babies sit or walk dogs also I don't know it's a lot of Craigslist searching for a while but I think it's just like sticking it out and

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just you know not letting ourselves fail is like the biggest the biggest thing we always.

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Too if you know it's not it's not going to not work unless we let it not work so it's just working until you know you have.

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What you're looking for are you can have the luxury of the work-life balance you don't have to be on you know 16 hours a day but,

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we're not going to lie I feel so there aren't many days you know still after 2 years but I think it's a goal to get to that point where we can close our laptops and he did not have to work our,

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into the Midnight Oil but yeah I think I think for I said.

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It's this Beast this baby that we love and we cherish and you know we we argue we discuss we have difficult conversations about money and,

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yo more than I do with my husband at the time but it's like how do you figure out that being comfortable with those conversations and figure out how to just move forward what's the best foot forward,

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so we have we've evolved a lot and I think for us like I'm super proud of where we are after 2 years and working out of our apartments at first and now having us a space with you don't think is ridiculous but that's a huge breasts out,

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yeah we're on our way.

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I also think it's it's learning that the word failure failure is subjective so failure on day one to me was so many things that we ways through and.

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Failure to me now is I don't even know.

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I ain't giving up I just think it's like failure two years ago and I'm not making enough money not not doing this not,

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living my life the way I want not having the clients I want I don't know just like things that are relevant now so I think it's embracing the term failure and knowing that your day today most of months whatever fail failure.

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Are also integral for your growth so I think that we are lucky enough to.

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Have each other to Keep On Truckin which other accountable if one of us feels like we're feeling.

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She will need to embrace more because it's not something that is,

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I think it's so school-related the idea of failure to know that you're not going to pass a class at like that means it's the end of the world,

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and I'll be all like right like it's a thing you got to ask if me and zero that means it I'm done right where I think that in the real world failure just means.

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All right it didn't work out like there's nothing wrong with it it sucks but like I mentioned before you you need to live you know build from it and learn from it so you can keep on doing what you actually enjoy to do or better at.

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Right there so many things that that that we as creatives need to.

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Understand that we can't do everything yeah it's also not like what you're taught when you're younger it's not we'll get back up and try again baby that works for some people but also be like get back up and
cuz obviously you don't like this thing right right there is no one way.

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