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Creating a style: I'm very inspired by what Emory Douglass did for the Black Panther Party—being able to use art to share messages, very rapidly. With that idea in mind... if I needed to get a message out rapidly, you know… What does that look like? If I had to get on the computer really quickly and do something digital, and I don't have time what does that look like? So that is often reflected in my work. That's why clients want to hire us, because of that particular style.

Episode Notes

That’s my guest Teresa Moses, she is a design researcher, creative director, organizer, and educator based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Teresa is a proud Black queer woman dedicated to the liberation of Black and brown people through art and design. Her work focuses on race, identity, and social justice. She advocates for positive change in her community using creativity as a tool of community activism.  

Terresa is the Creative Director at  Blackbird Revolt, a social justice-based design studio and Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at the University of Minnesota’s  College of Design  (CDes) and the Director of its Design Justice Network.

Her design research interests include; Project Naptural, which creates spaces to educate, connect, and empower Black women about their natural hair and self-identity, and Racism Untaught, a curriculum model that reveals ‘racialized’ design and helps students, educators, and organizations create anti-racist concepts through the design research process.

She has so much on her plate, and we dig into it all to find out how she determined that social justice was her calling?

Listen to my convo with Terri and learn how she manages to juggle it all.


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